Jeff Long, Leadership, Grace, and Second Chances.


Dear Jeff Long,

Thank you.

Thank you for standing up for our state.  With our small state inferiority complex, Arkansans are so desperate to be recognized as a real contender.  We are an odd and hopefully endearing bunch, with most of us cheering for the Hogs, and no professional team to rally behind.  You seem to understand us well.

As a lifer here in the Natural State, I appreciate the way you represented us on the national stage tonight.  You showed true leadership, and that is rarely seen these days on any platform.

Clearly, this evening was difficult on you, but your show of emotion made your conviction clear and your words more powerful.  The pressure on you over the last 5 days must have been immense.  Your lack of compromise in the face of it inspires.

I must say that I was hoping for this decision.  As you so eloquently stated, it was the job, not the consensual relationship that made this untenable.  Petrino’s behavior put the reputation of the U of A, the football program, and the entire state at risk, but honestly I was worried you wouldn’t do it.  The boosters, the players, the recruits, the possibilities of the upcoming season, the leadership failures at Penn State and the University of Montana-it made me cynical and doubtful of you, and I don’t even know you.  Please forgive me.

You proved that there are still truths worth standing on, and for the youth of our state, it is a message they hear infrequently, if at all.  I know, because I see it in my office every day.  Entitlement, arrogance, and moral compromise rule the day.  Integrity, honesty, full disclosure, valuing the right thing over the easy thing, and humility are in scarce supply.

The message won’t be received well by some, maybe not even half of our fans.  Some of them will come around, but some never will.  And that’s ok.  You can clearly weather the storm.

My prayers are with you and your family, the assistants and theirs, the players, Ms. Dorrell and her former fiance, and the Petrino family.  As you said, there are things we sometimes forget to think about.  The very human things.

I hope Coach Petrino and Ms. Dorrell can enter into a time of self-reflection and repentance, finding grace and second chances are there for us all, the private and the most public offenders.


Thank you again,

Stacy Furlow


101 thoughts on “Jeff Long, Leadership, Grace, and Second Chances.

      1. Paul

        How in the world can you even compare this to Penn State? One was illegal and the other was just immoral.

        1. stacy Post author

          I didn’t compare it to Penn State. I agree, they aren’t the same thing at all. I used the failure of leadership at Penn State to explain one of the reasons I was cynical and doubtful.

  1. Michele Moss

    Stacy -that was very eloquently said. Jeff Long will forever be known for his integrity.

    1. stacy Post author

      Dr. Moss,
      I am trying not to be nervous that both you and my high school English teacher have read this. Thank you for taking the time to both read and comment. Now I am going to drink a glass of wine to settle down. 😉

  2. Sarah Wolff

    My friend just linked this on Facebook…..wonderful! When I saw you wrote it, I had to say hi! Thanks for taking care of my boys today!

    1. stacy Post author

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for letting me see your precious boys. You have some serious fun in store over the next couple of years!

  3. Tim

    I wanted to believe. In the end, I was gravely disappointed. But now we move forward, and I want to do so with hope.

    I said to my brother-in-law: “However attractive the job of the CEO of Apple is, you don’t just replace Steve Jobs.” He said, “Maybe Bobby Petrino wasn’t our Steve Jobs. Maybe Jeff Long is.”

    Coach Long proved that tonight. I am deeply saddened for everyone involved in this situation. Everyone. What a massive disappointment. But with a man of Jeff Long’s caliber to guide this process, I believe anything is possible.

    Your comments are spot on. Thank you for sharing.

    1. stacy Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to both read and comment. Moving forward, I truly believe in his leadership.

  4. Russell Rains

    Thank you for saying, what so many of us believe. Winning at all costs is not an acceptable mantra and Jeff Long is to be commended for doing what is right!

  5. Steffj89

    I followed a link here from FB. I have to admit, I was wishing for the other outcome for a final result, but after reading of the decision, and further information that was released I fully support this decision. I think that BP and the circumstances he put into play and then his lies about it, JL had absolutely no choice for the integrity of the football program and the University to take the stand that he did. It has definitely been a scandal that was not needed.

  6. Ed

    This is a bunch of crap. We are about to suck again! Hope y’all are happy! And Stacey, after giving this bull crap speech that only 1% of Arkansans agree with, don’t complain in November when we are 2 and 10

    1. stacy Post author

      I certainly understand that there are a large number of Arkansans who wish it had turned out otherwise. I doubt we will be 2-10, but even if we are, I will continue to respect AD Long and all others who lead strongly and with integrity despite pressure to do otherwise. My experience in life is that the temporary thrills and disappointments of life fade all too easily. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

      1. Brooke

        I think that there are about 90% of Arkansas that agrees with Jeff Long. At the end of the day the Hogs will still be my beloved team even if they lose every game. I’ll know that the team I love did the right thing and didn’t let a W on a score sheet determine a decision. If I were to have inappropriate relations with my employee, I would be punished just as Petrino. That is what this boiled down to he didn’t do his job.

      2. Kay

        Stacy, I was a 100% Coach Petrino fan before this happened. But I have to seperate the space between being a Respected Coach and a coach I have lost all respect for as a man. Call me an old woman but I still hold to morals and truthfulness. I want to win every game but not badly enough to show our young future Razorbacks that since Coach can lie and live this way, they can too. I thank God for Jeff Long, especially his standards, even though I am sure they had become good friends, right is right. I also appreciate the patience Jeff Long used taking time to be sure He got everything right. Stacy, I back you 100% in what you wrote.

        1. Kay D

          Stacy, I was a 100% Coach Petrino fan before this happened. But I have to separate the space between being a Respected Coach and a coach I have lost all respect for as a man. Call me an old woman but I still hold to morals and truthfulness. I want to win every game but not badly enough to show our young future Razorbacks that since Coach can lie and live this way, they can too. I thank God for Jeff Long, especially his standards, even though I am sure they had become good friends, right is right. I also appreciate the patience Jeff Long used taking time to be sure He got everything right. Stacy, I back you 100% in what you wrote. I am not the Kay from from Fayettville area//

    2. t4zwall

      Ed, are you serious??? You would award BP’s behavior by not doing anything? All for the sake of winning a few gootball games? To me, THAT says A LOT about YOUR character!! I am not from the state of Arkansas, but I’ve always been a U of A fan. The fans, the school, the students deserve more from it’s leaders, no matter what department it’s in! Don’t you think so? As a huge fan, frequent tourist, and my the love for your state, I sincerely hope there is more than 1% of Arkansans who agree with the AD’s decision.

    3. Wayne

      That is why this is such a difficult decision for Mr Long. I have watched Razorback Football for years. My son went to U of A and graduated from there. We all wished we were better national contenders when McFadden, Jones were here. We had the tools, just did not seem to have the right leadership. I have loved watching the Hogs play well under Petrino and thoroughly enjoy seeing the Hogs in the top ten! I was also looking forward to this coming season and watching the Hogs win some more. This is “scary” for us football fans. The guy that’s building the program into a national contender is out . . . Now what?

      Razorback Football is better served in the long run with Integrity.

      While I am sad for the program and Petrino leaving, I am glad to see Jeff Long make the right decision. Arkansas does not need a “Win at ALL costs” reputation. I think the Hogs can win the right way.

      The fans that think Long should have kept Petrino are looking simply at wins, and nothing else. Good coaches, while scarce, can be found. There is someone else out there that can keep Arkansas Football great and do it right.

      Petrino had it made . . Great job, Great pay, rising start . . . and he messes it up with his . . . . . . . .

      I am still, very much so, looking forward to this years Hog Football season!

    4. Kimberly

      What’s crap is the ignorance of your statement! I most definitely agree with Jeff Long’s decision and this letter of gratitude! There are more important things in this world like self respect and moral integrity. As a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas and a lifelong Hog fan I am so proud of our AD and our program! We will rise above and if you don’t like what you are reading then I suggest you look elsewhere instead of attacking someone for spinning a positive outlook on this situation. Very well said and totally behind you Jeff Long and Stacey.
      Kimberly Paladino

    5. Kristin G

      You can disagree respectfully Ed! You just got ugly for no reason. I seriously doubt or football program will be 2 and 10 but either way I respect Mr Long’s decision and his reasoning behind the decision. There may only be 1% reading her blog but you are in that 1% so you just offended yourself!

    6. Stacie

      So what you are saying, in short-sightedness and unethical attitude, is it’s okay to WIN the wrong way…. than lose the RIGHT way??? Win at ALL costs??? Nothing else matters, right? Hopefully, if you have kids, you will send them to U of A, where they WILL learn that morals, ethics and character actually matters. Perhaps they will learn to have faith in the TEAM, not just put it on one person (who’s been ‘questionable’ for a long time). Thankfully, not everyone has your short-sightedness.

      Perhaps they will learn that while Petrino only thought of himself in his actions, Long was thinking of the ENTIRE school (team and Razorback nation), the precedent being set to all the students in the future; while trying NOT to spit on the character and pride of the alumni!

      There was NO OTHER CHOICE that Jeff Long could’ve made….it wasn’t made by him…it was made by Petrino long ago. Jeff stood up and showed amazing courage dealing with consequences on a situation he would’ve never asked to be in the midst.

      Stacy…… WELL WRITTEN!!! If you upset people…. it just tells on them and their priorities and character.

    7. Karen M

      “Doing the right thing is not always popular; and doing the popular thing is not always right!” I would dare say, anyone with integrity & character, 100% of them are behind Jeff Long. Well said Stacy!

  7. Cari

    Well put Stacy. I am proud of Jeff Long for reminding us all that actions have consequences no matter who you are.

  8. Tiff Haas

    I’ll be redundant but will say “very well stated” anyway, on behalf of all of us in “the Rback Nation” who hold values over stats and wins! You are such a unique blend of intelligence, grace, and integrity based on Godly principals and not worldly values…as far as reason goes. So proud tonight that Jeff Long showed himself to be the same…with much courage to not worry about making a possibly very unpopular decision. and I wasn’t sure the right decision would be made either…bproud to be a Hog tonight maybe more than I ever have! :) tiff

  9. Anna Raye Skaggs

    Stacy I know from working with you that you are a kind hearted an caring an upstanding person! I have always respected you an I LOVE THIS! You put together this wonderful letter an I would like to say THANK YOU for doing so! Couldn’t have been said better! Thank you again! I miss working with you!

  10. Bryan Riley

    Excellent, Stacy. You have captured the thoughts of many. I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Long’s decision.

  11. tressa mote

    stacy i just wanted to say thank you for all you said in your article. jeff long took the high road tonight and i am so proud of him as well. your article said all i feel… and i know that our God will bring us through all the turmoil and those involved will have to find their own peace in due time… again thank you for your words of wisdom. Tressa

  12. Jason Hall

    I can’t agree more. I’m glad he made the right decision. It would be so tempting to overlook deception as a “cost of doing business” in a winning college football program. The rewards for such a decision may never come in ways that fans desire, but I hope the players learn from this real life example that honor and integrity are far more valuable that championships.

  13. Vance Tucker

    Very well said Stacy! I was actually hoping for a better outcome but reading what you just so eloquently wrote, I have to say I’m moved to agree! Very Well Done!

  14. Brena Bush

    Dr. Furlow, you are such a wise person to be so young! A friend of mine on Facebook shared your link, and I couldn’t believe I actually knew the person behind the article! It makes me proud to have met and worked with you! Miss seeing you! Brena

  15. Betty Cooksley

    Stacy you just put in words my feelings exactly. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Jeff Long did what he thought was right for the Great State of Arkansas. We will all be OK!!

    Thanks again!

  16. Kay

    At first blush I liked what you said. Some of what you said I do like. However, I thought about it a bit more. I disagree that we have an inferiority complex. Not where I came from — Fayetteville. I am proud of my roots and of Arkansas. I have seen too much of people being ashamed of their roots — particularly people from the South. One should be proud — whether one is from rural Arkansas or an inner city ghetto. I don’t know you, but you began with this “inferiority complex” issue; on your blog you say you are from the “upper south” — why don’t you just say where? Let’s move on from the complex.

    1. stacy Post author


      I, like you, am super proud to be an Arkansan, a Fayettevillian specifically. I put “upper south” on my bio because I have twitter friends (bound by a common interest in Haiti) who read my blogs from all over the world, and I feel like it conveys a better understanding of the culture I am from without them having to google Fayetteville to find out where it is.

      Maybe I should have chosen a better word to express what I meant. I was trying to convey that those of us who live here know the joys and beauty of the place and the people, but it is hard for a small state to overcome the stereotypes most Americans have about Arkansas. Anyway, I appreciate your kind critique and your taking the time to read.

      1. Jackson

        Three comments:

        1) I don’t know anything about you, but I can not imagine anyone who uses “upper south” to describe their locale is trying to generate cultural understanding among international readers. I suspect it is more trying to distance one self from the negative southern stigma rather than help convey what are undeniably subtle cultural changes to international readers between Little Rock to Fayetteville or Alabama to Arkansas. This comment makes me second guess what might be re-framed in your letter.

        2) I believe the inferiority complex is was CAUSED Petrino’s termination. Arkansas was scared about what reports will report and what others will say. Without national attention and fear of the negative publicity, the same decision is not made. The U of A can have more positive impact in more lives (athletics, education, philanthropy) with Petrino than they will without Petrino. It’s not about the winning program, its about the opportunity and support that having a winning program provides.

        3) Kudos for contributing to the conversation.

    2. Kristin G

      Seriously! She isn’t saying all Arkansans are inferior. It’s not hard to see that AR is made the butt of about a million jokes, made fun of on talk shows etc. Look at how many electoral votes we have, or should I have said so little!

  17. Belinda

    I saw the link to you on Facebook. You said this so well. WPS! I am completely behind Jeff Long and know he will find us exactly who we need to lead the team.
    And then I explored all your other post and am hooked! What a discovery!! So excited to read more from you!

  18. Angela

    Stacy- thank you for sharing what’s been in my heart, what I hoped for- I too was fearful that wins and plays would rule the day. Jeff’s decision provided a great opportunity to talk with my children about being people of integrity, and truth tellers in the midst of hurtful mistakes.

  19. Devona Camp

    I’m proud to be an Arkansas Razorback!!! Your letter to Jeff Long is awesome and I’m almost certain you brought tears to his eyes as it was read. Brighter days are ahead. GO HAWGS!!!!

  20. bob shoulders

    Very well said Stacy. No wins for anyone involved but Jeff handled it extremely well.

  21. Rob

    Was distraught last night but after listening to Jeff Long and reading this article I am satisfied with the outcome. Very well written. Two thumbs up to you and Tim’s comment. WOO PIG SOOIE!!!!

  22. Jerry Maxwell

    Tough Love…………Jeff Long has my ultimate respect………We all make mistakes and I have thought often of late of the watershed or domino effect of Bobby’s actions & i’m sure he did not consider everything that is happening as a result……his family, his brother, the team, the fans, the assistants, Jeff Long…………so many people are negatively affected by what happened, Life can turn around in a second & those heights may never be achievable again……………all we can do is learn & try…..

  23. NEA Girl

    I just want to point out that AR does have another major university – Arkansas State University. I realize that most on The NW side aren’t as aware of ASU but it is a division 1 school with the potential of being a top 25 team this year. Gus Malzahn is the incoming coach this year. I do agree with you other comments!

    1. stacy Post author

      NEA Girl,

      So true, and so wrong of me to ignore both ASU, UALR, and UCA. All wonderful schools. Thanks for calling me out on that!

    2. Kristin G

      There is really no need for her to list the other schools! The main one is the UofA-Fayetteville! Whether you like it or not, that is just how it is! That’s petty of you to get offended by that!

  24. Melissa

    I followed this link from fb. You were spot on in what you said. I appreciate Jeff Long for making the right decision even if it wasn’t popular one. He showed true integrity.

  25. Laurie

    I am amazed how many people are now saying “I was hoping he’d stay, but then I saw the rest of the story…”. The rest of the story has been out there since last week, and people just weren’t paying attention. I’m with you – Long has really made a name for himself in the shadow of Frank Broyles. Here’s to a great season and new success! WPS!

  26. Barbara Johnson

    Thank you for writing this for all of us. You did an excellent job. My prayers are the same as you stated for all the people. I am just really glad to see that in Arkansas morals do mean something.

  27. Sheila

    Beautifully chosen words Stacy. Enough said right here. Only thing left to do is pray for this bunch and move on!

  28. Laurie Harris

    “A wise person gets known for insight; gracious words add to one’s reputation.”
    Proverbs 16

  29. Bennie Sue Massey

    As a former student of the U of A and retired teacher, your letter to Jeff Long caught my eye.
    I salute you for a well written letter, which said a lot of things I would have liked to write. Thank you for your insight about our small state and wishing to be a contender in some area. Also about worrying that doing the right thing when obviously there was pressure to keep Petrino by those of us who thought he was such a great coach that he wouldn’t do anything to embarrass those of us who value what is right.
    Because you actually wrote the letter that many of us were thinking of doing, we are
    grateful to you for having the courage to write an eloquent letter that covered everything.
    Thanks again, Bene

  30. Rose Green

    Wisely and gracefully said. I followed a link off of FB, too–and realized you were my kids’ doctor when we lived in F-ville. Thanks for your thoughts AND professional care. :)

  31. Lisa

    We are all sinners and fall short. God is good. Grace is there for us all. I hope and pray for everyone involved. Great advice given to me in life by a very wise man “you must decipher between the caring and the curious. Cling to the caring and let the curious fall by the way side.” Cling to God, your family & true friends.

  32. Joy

    Words of wisdom, so proud of the University for making this decision. A statement really, that we demand more for our students. Jeff Long’s distress in delivering this news showed humility and compassion for the Petrino family and for the players. I love everything that’s being said positively, we will carry on.

  33. Teva Cossey

    Mrs. Furlow

    I was not a more proud HOG fan as I was last night watching Mr. Long. I know it was very difficult for him as we all were able to see. His integrity truly showed itself last night. Thank you for your words of encouragment for him. Hope everyone can learn some lessons from this great man and the example that he showed the nation last night.

    Teva Cossey

  34. Leslie Gay

    Thank you for writing this thoughtful letter. It says everything my husband I have been feeling. Jeff Long is a CLASS ACT! I truly hope we can all stand behind him and what must have been a gut wrenching decision. I do hope you sent this letter to him…..he deserves to read it!

  35. Audra

    One of my FB friends posted your blog entry, and I had to share it on my own timeline as well. Thank you for an extremely well written reflection on a very painful chapter for Arkansas, and thank you for your compassion for everyone involved. Doing the right thing is sometimes not easy, and sometimes showing grace is not pretty. But that’s exactly what’s called for here, and your writing inspires us to both. Blessings…

  36. Tami Kirkpatrick

    very well said, thank you for writing this Dr Furlow! see you in the clinic sometime!

  37. K

    I have to be honest and admit that I hate the Hogs. Four years of living in Searcy in the mid 80’s and only hearing about the Hogs, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cowboys CONSTANTLY did me in. I grew a sports fan hatred for all three of those teams. But, if I were a Hog fan today, I would be extremely proud to be called one because of Jeff Long’s character and the way he handled the entire thing. It’s very encouraging to see, especially in the mega competitive world of the SEC, a school leader put character and honesty above victories. I like for my team to win just as much as the next sports fan but we too often forget that, in the end, it’s just a kids game. Well done Jeff Long and well done Stacy.

  38. The Park Wife

    Stacy- Beautifully written. What an inspiration to see a man that is not pressured by what people think of him, but instead walks with integrity.
    “Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” William Penn
    The Park Wife
    BTW, come join Arkansas Women Bloggers (it is free), we would love to feature some of your writing and connect with you in real life!

  39. Joan Miller

    This is exactly how I feel about all that happened. You verbalized this eloquently. Well done, Stacy and God bless you for having the courage to post this. I am going to repost it if I can. Thanks.

  40. Dixie

    I don’t think that I know you, but this was eloquently written and beautifully stated. You took what so many of us were thinking, and put it into words. Thank you, and I’m stealing it to post on my Facebook!!! :-)

  41. Javier L. taylor

    I, like some others, followed this link from Facebook and I must say I am very impressed with your statements. I don’t know you, but you wrote what I am feeling about teh whole situation. I think too often we want to win-at-all-costs and this attitude is destructive to the young men who are involved in the athletic programs of our state and our country. Character does matter when we mentor young people, it fact it is indespensible!

  42. Melanee Yielding

    A friend on FB posted this. Very well written, Stacy, and I couldn’t agree with you more. You must be proud that only one person posting has disagreed with you! I’m sure there are many within our great state that think winning is more important than integrity, but I’m glad Jeff Long isn’t one of them. He was very courageous and did the right thing. I have a brand new respect for him and our university. As a retired teacher, I commend your writing skills. Thanks for speaking for many of us in Arkansas.

  43. Stephanie Usrey

    I was really impressed with your article, Stacy, and I posted the link on my FB page. After reading all these comments it looks like I’m not alone.. Your piece has gone Facebook viral! And you wrote about something positive, not crushing and damning the way some others are spinning this event. That’s so refreshing! I’m sure your English teacher would give you an A!

  44. Judy Johnson

    Well said, Stacy! As I was reading, and agreeing with the things you had written, I wondered about the author. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you are someone I know and already was impressed with! Jeff Long did make Arkansas proud last night. I had heard national commentators predicting that, while other major programs would dismiss their coach for such transgressions, Arkansas would not. I breathed such a huge sigh of relief when Jeff Long proved them wrong! Thank you for your comments. Judy Johnson (mother of Jill Johnson Fussell)

  45. Kristin G

    Well said! In reply to the naysayer who was so vocal; Obviously you read the blog so you are one of that 1% you offended with your rude comment. To the comment about our inferiority complex; Yes we as a state do have an inferiority complex as evidenced by the low number of electoral votes as well as the fact that we are made the butt of several jokes as a state. That doesn’t mean that everyone in AR feels inferior so I really saw no issue at all in that statement. In response to the comment about other universities; Obviously there are other schools in AR with Football programs but the U of A-Fayetteville is the main one. She didn’t need to list out the other schools. That was just unnecessary to point out!

  46. Ruth

    Brava, Stacy! Beautifully written! Obviously, your talents are numerous! I was leery of Jeff Long when he was hired since he was an outsider and a northerner at that! I thought, “How could he ever truly love Arkansas, the Razorbacks and the upper south (I totally get what you mean by this!).” However, last night he proved that he does so passionately. He demonstrated his love and respect for the student-athletes, the program, the university and the state. I am thankful that Petrino is gone for so many reasons. It is for the best, despite what many might say. In the end the wins and losses are only numbers, but the integrity of the all the aforementioned remains intact and strong. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  47. Karen

    Hi Stacy! Thank YOU for putting into words what my heart needed to see. I feel much more proud of the integrity modeled for me/us and my 16 year old daughter than the message that would have been sent to look the other way for the sake of winning. Integrity is hard to teach in words but the actions here do that for me. And just when I was thinking maybe football and winning were the all too empty American Idol. This life lesson motivates me to stick to the higher road.

  48. JD

    Stacy, I completely agree… Well done!! Julie and I have never been more proud to be razorback fans as Tuesday night when Jeff Long held the press conference. Afterwards, in talking with my son, the announcement gave me the chance to give another visible representation of morals and integrity as well as an explanation of consequences when you don’t “follow the rules”! I also appreciate your grace in responding to those who disagree… Another teaching opportunity! We’ve been praying for the Petrino family and the young lady involved… That God would pour his love into them; that he would comfort them through this difficult time; and that good will come from it… As it already has!!!

  49. Janet

    I found your letter via facebook.. shared by a friend. Very well said. I spoke yesterday to a group of 8th graders on the topic of Sexually Transmitted Infections. I knew that the Razorbacks and Coach Patrino were on most of the students’ minds so I couldn’t help but start my discussion with some comments about his choices and the far-reaching consequences. Of course, I went on to tell them all I could about STDs in 30 minutes. I pray that we all will self-reflect on how important our decisions are to those around us. As JD just commented… what a good teaching opportunity! I used it and hope it helps.

  50. Adrienne

    A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday morning, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think that most of Arkansans do agree with you. Those who don’t are more worried about things that won’t really matter in the general scheme of things, like football records. I am probably one of the biggest fans of college football I know, and I believe that Jeff Long not only did the right thing but had no other choice to make.

    Those who are more concerned with a win/loss record can argue about morals all day long. Yes, these things happen in offices everywhere unfortunatley. That’s not the issue as much as the ethics or lack thereof shown in the handling of the situation and before that, the questionable way Ms. Dorrell was hired. You, as a pediatrician, my husband as an engineer, and any other professional working in Fayetteville and all over the globe are held to an ethical standard and would lose your license to practice if you were behave in such a way.

    That is the end of it, and we as Razorback Nation should move forward from this ordeal because there are human beings involved in this. They’re not just intangible things, and while we will move on and Call On, they’ll be dealing with the repercussions of this for years to come. Our prayers should be with them.

    I was glad to read this, and I’m glad my two-month-old daughter is a patient and your clinic.

  51. anti smoking blog

    I disagree completely. Try checking the mentions on a news site (CNN) that isn’t moderated as carefully as the article websites are and see what happens when “adults” are allowed to speak freely.

    1. stacy Post author

      I am not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could clarify? There has been no moderation of replies and all have been published as they were received.

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